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Jenny Heinen RAN OVER A REINDEER!!!!

I know Krystle already mentioned this... It might not sound so funny...but maybe you have to be there to laugh as hard as we did when Jenny ran over a LIGHT UP REINDEER FIGURINE. It got stuck up inside her car. She thought it was a tree branch covered in snow. So she ran it over and then it was draggin on the road. Oh gosh, I tell you what it was so funny once we found out what it was. But it was really stuck up in there. We pulled over and she got down on the ground (in the snow, it was very cold) and tried to pull it out, she was very unsucessful so luckily we called Ryan and he saved the night..he must be a little stronger than Jen when it comes to pullin out light up reindeer out from someones cars...hmmmm. I know she feels silly..and I probably would too, but at least nothing is wrong with her car, or her. And now she can just tell people about it. I mean come on this doesn't happen to often. So when them people wake up tomorrow and notice that Prancer is no longer in the front yard they should go look down the road in the field because that is where Ryan threw him to rest. Must have been the strong wind that blew em' out in the damn road. That's my only funny story for the evening.
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