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It's been a while and I'm a little bored...

I need to remember to update more often. I read everyone else's live journal almost everyday,heck even sometimes more than one time a day. But anways....I am done with school now for almost a month. That feels so gooood! I am expecting to be very dissapointed with my grades for this semester. For how hard I tried I feel like it is not going to be worth it...but now I know a lot more for the next semester. I sure keep learning more and more about myself and other people. It's so hard to believe that all things happen for a reason and weather or not it is true for ALL things lately I can see how it kind of is. College is different and it takes a lot of adjusting to. But the last couple of weeks have been so fricken fun..espcially with Kryslte. We had our ups and downs as roomies..but now I like how things are. It's like we are both being our old crazy selves again. Because for a while I was letting to much get the best of me. This year sure went by fast! I'm pretty excited for Christmas, something about this time of year everyone seems to be in such a giving mood. I love it. I thought I would have so much more to say and I do but it might get kind of boring if I keep going on and on. I want to have Katie Huss teach me how to put some pictures on here! To spice things up a tad... But I am going to go get ready, I'm having kind of a late start on today. Heck who cares I have nothing better to do, it's not like I have a job or anything...yeah I sure need one the way I spend my money. Thank God for babysitting. Okay Peace and Holla Bitches...just kidding I'm a nice girl I do not say things like that. LoL. And the reason my mood is cold is because like a half hour ago when I went to take a shower my mom turned on the washing machine..yeah its a bad idea to do that when someone is in the shower. I was very upset. Okay Seeya!
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