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A Brief Update

I never write in my livejournal, but I read everyone else's at least once a week, so for a little update....things are going pretty swell. It's crazy to think that my first year at college is almost done. I am happy for the most part, but then again it's kind of sad to know that it will never happen like that again. This year was nuts, I sucked at the school part of it all which isnt much to brag about, but I learned a lot along the way, to much to go into detail about. But now I am really looking forward to the summer. For the most part I will be working at Michigan's Adventure as a lifeguard, which everyone says will suck, but hey I just might like it. I moved in with my dad now, so we will see how this all works out, and I am just ready to have a good 4 months of fun. I am excited to go go bon fires and see everyone who I have not seen in a while, that always feels good.
This is why I never update, I don't have anything exciting to put in here. But on tuesday I fell down the stairs at lifeguarding class in front of everyone (it was really slippery and wet) and it hurt kind of bad because I fell right on my butt and my arms are kind of bruised and scratched, but anyway then tonight I fell down Erin's stairs right in front of her mom and dad...I felt so dumb!! I don't know what my deal is with stairs...but I am going to have to be more careful. So that's all for now! Adios!
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