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Now I have to wait a whole year for my next birthday..darn it. Even if you don't care I will tell you all about how it was. First of all on Thursday at 12..krystle and kayleigh and a few drunks on our floor sang me Happy Birthday and Krystle and Kayleigh got me a really nice bracelet that you can add charms to! I love it! Then friday I was dumb and forgot all of my jeans and pants at Grand I had to drive back to get them..but on the way home Tony called and asked me to come over..and he told me he didn't get me anything for my birthday, but then when I walked by the stairs there were a dozen long stem roses..6 red for love and 6 white for friendship. It was so sweet. And when I got home Jeff Jurkas came to my house with a dozen pink roses and balloons! I was freakin out! I went to Northside Pub for dinner with the gang and with my cousin and her friends because she was 28 that day..that was fun. Erin made me a shadow box of a bunch of things to remind us of all of our memories is I just love it! Katie Huss bought me the prettiest journal with the craziest picture of us in it, it is strictly for "happy thoughts". I already wrote in it..but I like to look at the front of it..its all sparkly. Lindsay Stibitz MADE ME A PURSE...she is so talented. It looks so professional. Like an indian made it. Katie got me a charm for my bracelet, a sunset one, because all of our tropical vacations we took were together! Jenny got me a funky scarf and a fleece jacket..the one I loved at Target! And a popourri cooker for our dorm..because it smells weird sometimes. Not anymore. I also don't smell anymore because Jaci bought me my favorie perfume..Lilu! But Friday night was interesting..We were planning on going to Cadillac Jacks, but yeah you have to be 19 to get in. WTF..WHAT IS 19? WHY NOT 18? But ofcourse that only applies for fridays and saturdays. So yeah. I felt all bad for letting everyone down..I had a depressed druken hour or so. I also had to pee so bad..and a lady with gold teeth at Ruth's Deli in the Heights wouldn't let us pee at her store, so we peed in the alley and I peed all over my right leg and shoe. I was even more upset after that. But eventually we ended up at the Alibi (yeah kind of white trash..but hey). And my dad was there...and a bunch of old men..a lady tried to hook me up with her 38 year old "younger" brother. I was like "see that guy over there, he is my dad and he is only 36". It was funny to me. So then I went home and Saturday I got to sleep in kind of. and in the afternoon I went to see the worst not scary movie ever. The Grudge. Yeah it was bad. I went out to Applebees for dinner..and then I hung out with Katie and Erin. Okay we met the nicest people that night at some Bill kids 21st Birthday party. It was a very good time. I met Joshua..we are going as Oprah and Dr. Phil for Halloween :) he was a riot. Sunday I worked and then had my family party..I love my family. My Grandma got a digital should see her try to take pictures with that thing. She always forgets and puts in on her eye. She is still hip in my book. But yes it was a very good weekend..and now for this week my math exam is my number one priority. I am going to get help..because I need it that is for sure. Man...I went on and on.
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