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26th February 2006

10:46pm: Just Do it :)

Current Mood: bored

12th February 2006

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.
Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out

Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking

What turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love
Current Mood: high

28th January 2006

2:52pm: _____Best________
1. Male friend: Tony
2. Female friend: Krystle Erin Katie Jenny Lindsay n Brandy
3. Vacation: Cancun for sure
4. Age: 16
5. Memory: Oh I have so many...
6. Talent: It's X-Rated so I shouldn't put it on here. LoL. No um I am a good sleeper.

1. Time of day: The morning, I am a night person
2. Day of the week: Tuesday and Thursday
3. Food: Mustard, green peppers, and sourcrout..spelling?
4. Memory: when my mom and dad were getting divored
5. Boyfriend or girlfriend: well we all know I am just the man's lady.
6. Habit: Thinking too much

1. Person you saw: I'm in the room with Krystle Kayleigh and Marie
2. Talk on the phone: Brandy
3. Hugged: Kayleigh
4. Text Messaged: Tony
5: Commented: Brandy
6. Thing you ate: Chips and Dip and A sandwitch

1. Kiss: This boy named Danny..not Trevino
2. serious boyfriend or girlfriend: Anthony
3. Car: The Golden Beast Baby
4. First school: R-P elem.
5. Job: Babysitting and Overboard Inn
6. Word: Duck..well actually probably mama.or dada..but Duck was the first real word.

1. What are you doing now: Dickin around getting drunk tonight! yay!
2. Tonight: Drinkin' with mis amigos
3. Wearing: Sweatpants and a t-shirt
4. What did you eat for lunch: chips n dip and a sandwitch
5: Better than yesterday?: yes
6. Why:Its Because I had nothing to do and all day to do it

1. Is: sunday
2. Got any plans: nada
3. Goal: To be nice and lazy
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: no
5. Do you have work: hell no
6. Likes about tomorrow: I get to sleep in

1. Number: 22
2: Song: Crush, When the World Ends, Shake That, And a lot more..dang this was a tough question
3. Color: Blue and Green
4. Season: autumn
5. State: Well I enjoy Michigan
6. Food: Chips n Dip, Big Juicy Burgers, and no bake cookies.

1. Are you in love?: Ha.
2. Dating someone: nah
3. Missing someone: ofcourse
4. Liking someone: Oh yes
5. Mood: lazy
6. Wanting: some motivation
Current Mood: bouncy

6th October 2005

7:44pm: 1} Last thing you burned while attempting to cook? Shit, I'm Mrs. Food when it comes to cooking, I never burn anything. :)

2} Describe yourself in three words: Nice Friendly Gal

3} How long does it take you to get ready for your day? Oh with my new hair cut..about 45 min. An hour if I eat

4} Favorite place to blow $50? Target for sure.

5} How many people have you thought were "the one"? Oh the one and only.

6} What is something that turns you off from the opposite sex? ear wax and bad breath

7} What kind of car do you drive? a "camel" colored chrysler cirrus

8} What's in your CD player right now? Dave Matthews

9} What celebrity would you have coffee with? Coffee..Well how about hot chocolate and OPRAH or Adam Sandler

10} What celebrity would you NOT have coffee with? Marilyn Manson..haha that freak.

11} What kind of toothpaste do you use? Crest I think.

12} What time do you go to bed? WAY TO LATE

13} Last movie you saw? At home?: In the theatres Flight Plan, and at home Crash

14} Last TV show you watched? This makes me sound like a nerd..The Discovery Channel, Mythbusters.

15} Who is your best friend? Well there isnt a BEST, but there are the true, good, favorite and not so favorite.

16} Who in your family do you best get along with? My Grandma Sue

17} Who do you have a crush on? Not to sure. I need to get one I guess.

18} What time is it right now? 7:51 pm

19} Are you planning a vacation/travel? Oh hell no, cant afford it.

20} When/Where was the last time you traveled? Europe this summer!! good time

21} How many times have you been in love? Only onece.

22} How old will you be in 10 years? 28 and 3/4ths

23} Where do you see yourself in 10 years? pregnant and on welfare the rate im going. Sike, hell who knows.

24} Sinful snacking weakness? Chips and Dip and Chips and Cheese...gosh im addicted

25} Rollercoasters? I HATE THEM! Actually I am just scared of them.

26} Ever run out of gas? Nope

27} Ever been on a train? Twice actually to Chicago and to paris from madrid..that was quite an experience

28} Ever been on a blind date? No

29} Ever been to Europe? Certainly Have

30} What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for one day? Touch myself haha

31} Would you tell anyone it was really you? Hell No

32} Ever been arrested? No

33} Have a crush on anyone you work with? No

34} What is something you believe in? God and Love

35} What is something you fear? Cats...meow

36} Big or small? Depends.. on what you're refering to

37} What is the worst physical or emotional pain you have ever experienced? physical: Dont know
emotional: Love hurts

38} What is your favorite television show? Oprah, friends, and whatever seems to be on VH1 I typically enjoy..oh and ofcourse the Cosbys
39} Ever photoshopped yourself to look better in a picture? yeah I like that trick

40} Tell us something about your childhood. I was a nerd who wore spandex and big bows in my hair, thanks to my mother. In 3rd grade I wanted curly hair so I twisted a comb as tight as it could and my mom had to cut it out...yeah you can only imagine how ugly it looked.

41} What would it cost for you to flash the person next to you? For free.

42} Best time to catch you in a good mood? Oh mostly anytime

43} If you could be anything for one day, what would it be? Im going with Katie Huss..invisible. But for more than one day

44} Most prized possesion? My journals...and all of my pictures..and my "memory" box thing.
45} Would you ever sell it/how much? nah, not for sale

46} What is one of your pet peeves? Hair in the shower.sick.

47} Favorite kind of ice cream? Ooh Lots of em...not chocolate

48} Coolest thing that happened today? I got to sleep in.

49} Name someone with the same birthday as you: Tiffany..lol duh OH GOSH I THOUGHT THAT SAID THE SAME NAME! HAHAHA Im so stupid sometimes...Oh Zach Hanson and my cousin Leesha

50} Where was your first kiss? at a wedding reception

51} Have you ever seriously vandalized someone else's property? No way

52} Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex? Not very hard

53} Have you ever sang in front of a large number of people? just at village inn

54} What's the first thing you notice about the opposite/same sex? Smile and hands

56} What do you usually order from starbucks? Oh not sure

57} What is your biggest mistake? Oh there are plenty.

58} Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose? No way..im a pussy

59} Say something totally random about you: I ate egg rolls for dinner

60} Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? no, is that bad?

61} Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows? Oh you have no idea, I babysit 3 days a week, hit me up and I know what Im talking about.

62} Did you have braces? Yeah

63} Are you comfortable with your height? oh sure

64} What is the most romantic thing done by someone of the opposite/same sex?: Being brought roses..I love that.

65} When do you know it's love? You can ask me this if you really want me to explain

66} Do you speak any other languages? Im alright at Spanish

67} Have you ever been to a tanning salon? yes

68} What magazines do you read? I am a fan of People

69} Have you ever ridden in a limo? No

70} Has anyone you were really close with passed away? yes

71} Do you watch mtv? sometimes

72} What's something that really annoys you? when people lie

73} What's something you really like? laying in my nice big bed and looking at old pictures..having something good unexpectedly happen

74} Do you like Michael Jackson? He is da bomb...just ask kt huss, brandy, and erin

75} Can you dance? who do you think you are talking to..John Travolta is my brother from another mother

76} What's the latest you've ever stayed up? oh all night

77} Have you ever thought that you were honestly going to die? I cant say that I have

78} Have you ever been rushed by an ambulance into the emergency room? not yet. It was a close call last thursday ;) just kidin

79} Do you actually read these when other people fill them out? Depends on who it is & how bored i am

80} Who did u take this from? Katie Husss
Current Mood: bored

27th September 2005

12:40am: Katie Huss' Response to myself :)
1. one time, you showed Adam dake's mom your underwear
2. tom petty... you know the one
3. i'm not goign to answer this because i'm afraid at some point you'd actually try it.
4. "i had a charolette hornets jacket.. it was expensive.. 86 dollars"
5. first grade when you had that awesome hair cut.
6. a cat, because you love them so much.
7. how did you turn out so awesome... having such a crazy mother

I like this little questionaire... So I am going to be a part of it too...but don't get angry if it takes me a while, I only do this kind of thing when I'm bored so go ahead and leave me a little comment and I will apply the questions to you: 1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you
Current Mood: bored

22nd April 2005

12:29am: A Brief Update
I never write in my livejournal, but I read everyone else's at least once a week, so for a little update....things are going pretty swell. It's crazy to think that my first year at college is almost done. I am happy for the most part, but then again it's kind of sad to know that it will never happen like that again. This year was nuts, I sucked at the school part of it all which isnt much to brag about, but I learned a lot along the way, to much to go into detail about. But now I am really looking forward to the summer. For the most part I will be working at Michigan's Adventure as a lifeguard, which everyone says will suck, but hey I just might like it. I moved in with my dad now, so we will see how this all works out, and I am just ready to have a good 4 months of fun. I am excited to go go bon fires and see everyone who I have not seen in a while, that always feels good.
This is why I never update, I don't have anything exciting to put in here. But on tuesday I fell down the stairs at lifeguarding class in front of everyone (it was really slippery and wet) and it hurt kind of bad because I fell right on my butt and my arms are kind of bruised and scratched, but anyway then tonight I fell down Erin's stairs right in front of her mom and dad...I felt so dumb!! I don't know what my deal is with stairs...but I am going to have to be more careful. So that's all for now! Adios!
Current Mood: calm

6th April 2005

11:16pm: Here is my slogan from "what slogan are you"

"Crunch all you want. We'll make Tiffany".

          What this means I have no idea..but it's kind of catchy.

Current Mood: bored

2nd March 2005

11:30am: Happy Birthday Brandy and Jaci!

17th February 2005

To pick up Some Hot Beasty Stud: Hi will you help me find my lost puppy? I think he went into this cheap hotel room across the street.

16th February 2005


T is for Trendy
I is for Inspirational
F is for Futuristic
F is for Flexible
A is for Adaptable
N is for Nerdy
Y is for Yummy

Haha Flexible..shit no.
Current Mood: geeky

15th February 2005

1:25pm: Alright, someone tell me how to put pictures on here. Step by step, I'm kind of slow :)

2nd February 2005

10:38am: Happy Groundhog's Day!! :)

20th January 2005

2:49pm: Even though today is Thursday its like friday for me! Got done with classes today at 1 and no classes tomorrow..what a deal. And Today I got to watch Oprah in my american civilization class...What a good way to start my day! Tonight two of my favorite friends are coming to go out with us...Jenny and Erin, I am so excited! I hope it is as fun as last week! But even though this was short and sweet I am going to go get in the shower I feel nasty because I have not taken one in two days...haha. This is not normal. But I'm out for now...
Current Mood: excited

19th January 2005

9:42pm: I figured it's been long enough...:)
Welll Well Well...This isnt going to be to long. I have been in a good mood for several days in a row. It feels good. This semester is 10 times better than the last one already. So far the only thing that makes me want to take my life is my Chemistry shit....yeah we won't even go there, I should be in Mentally challenged Chemistry..but then I probably still wouldn't comprehend it. Heck Oh well. I even went to the gym today, isnt that crazy? And since I have no Friday classes, Thursday nights are going to be my night to go out and play. Yeah last semester I was a loser and still got horrific grades. Anyway I am planning on updating on this bitch more...yikes I just called this a bad word. But okay..Im sorry this was so boring.
Current Mood: giddy

21st December 2004

1:45am: Jenny Heinen RAN OVER A REINDEER!!!!
I know Krystle already mentioned this... It might not sound so funny...but maybe you have to be there to laugh as hard as we did when Jenny ran over a LIGHT UP REINDEER FIGURINE. It got stuck up inside her car. She thought it was a tree branch covered in snow. So she ran it over and then it was draggin on the road. Oh gosh, I tell you what it was so funny once we found out what it was. But it was really stuck up in there. We pulled over and she got down on the ground (in the snow, it was very cold) and tried to pull it out, she was very unsucessful so luckily we called Ryan and he saved the night..he must be a little stronger than Jen when it comes to pullin out light up reindeer out from someones cars...hmmmm. I know she feels silly..and I probably would too, but at least nothing is wrong with her car, or her. And now she can just tell people about it. I mean come on this doesn't happen to often. So when them people wake up tomorrow and notice that Prancer is no longer in the front yard they should go look down the road in the field because that is where Ryan threw him to rest. Must have been the strong wind that blew em' out in the damn road. That's my only funny story for the evening.
Current Mood: amused

17th December 2004

1:54pm: It's been a while and I'm a little bored...
I need to remember to update more often. I read everyone else's live journal almost everyday,heck even sometimes more than one time a day. But anways....I am done with school now for almost a month. That feels so gooood! I am expecting to be very dissapointed with my grades for this semester. For how hard I tried I feel like it is not going to be worth it...but now I know a lot more for the next semester. I sure keep learning more and more about myself and other people. It's so hard to believe that all things happen for a reason and weather or not it is true for ALL things lately I can see how it kind of is. College is different and it takes a lot of adjusting to. But the last couple of weeks have been so fricken fun..espcially with Kryslte. We had our ups and downs as roomies..but now I like how things are. It's like we are both being our old crazy selves again. Because for a while I was letting to much get the best of me. This year sure went by fast! I'm pretty excited for Christmas, something about this time of year everyone seems to be in such a giving mood. I love it. I thought I would have so much more to say and I do but it might get kind of boring if I keep going on and on. I want to have Katie Huss teach me how to put some pictures on here! To spice things up a tad... But I am going to go get ready, I'm having kind of a late start on today. Heck who cares I have nothing better to do, it's not like I have a job or anything...yeah I sure need one the way I spend my money. Thank God for babysitting. Okay Peace and Holla Bitches...just kidding I'm a nice girl I do not say things like that. LoL. And the reason my mood is cold is because like a half hour ago when I went to take a shower my mom turned on the washing machine..yeah its a bad idea to do that when someone is in the shower. I was very upset. Okay Seeya!
Current Mood: cold

2nd December 2004

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Current Mood: curious

26th November 2004

11:44am: This is going to be pointless I can already tell...but heck who cares. I'm a tad bit bored
It must be all the good food I ate yesterday or something...or maybe it's just the Holiday spirit, but I am in a "glorious" mood.
Current Mood: crazy

17th November 2004

7:41am: Yesterday's Lesson...
So everyday you learn something new right? Well yesterday I learned that I-96 West is not the same as 96 West. That "I" makes a lot of difference, hours of difference. Woops. My Bad.
Current Mood: tired

25th October 2004

6:17pm: Monday..mOnDay.
Now I have to wait a whole year for my next birthday..darn it. Even if you don't care I will tell you all about how it was. First of all on Thursday at 12..krystle and kayleigh and a few drunks on our floor sang me Happy Birthday and Krystle and Kayleigh got me a really nice bracelet that you can add charms to! I love it! Then friday I was dumb and forgot all of my jeans and pants at Grand Valley..so I had to drive back to get them..but on the way home Tony called and asked me to come over..and he told me he didn't get me anything for my birthday, but then when I walked by the stairs there were a dozen long stem roses..6 red for love and 6 white for friendship. It was so sweet. And when I got home Jeff Jurkas came to my house with a dozen pink roses and balloons! I was freakin out! I went to Northside Pub for dinner with the gang and with my cousin and her friends because she was 28 that day..that was fun. Erin made me a shadow box of a bunch of things to remind us of all of our memories together..it is so..so..well I just love it! Katie Huss bought me the prettiest journal with the craziest picture of us in it, it is strictly for "happy thoughts". I already wrote in it..but I like to look at the front of it..its all sparkly. Lindsay Stibitz MADE ME A PURSE...she is so talented. It looks so professional. Like an indian made it. Katie got me a charm for my bracelet, a sunset one, because all of our tropical vacations we took were together! Jenny got me a funky scarf and a fleece jacket..the one I loved at Target! And a popourri cooker for our dorm..because it smells weird sometimes. Not anymore. I also don't smell anymore because Jaci bought me my favorie perfume..Lilu! But Friday night was interesting..We were planning on going to Cadillac Jacks, but yeah you have to be 19 to get in. WTF..WHAT IS 19? WHY NOT 18? But ofcourse that only applies for fridays and saturdays. So yeah. I felt all bad for letting everyone down..I had a depressed druken hour or so. I also had to pee so bad..and a lady with gold teeth at Ruth's Deli in the Heights wouldn't let us pee at her store, so we peed in the alley and I peed all over my right leg and shoe. I was even more upset after that. But eventually we ended up at the Alibi (yeah kind of white trash..but hey). And my dad was there...and a bunch of old men..a lady tried to hook me up with her 38 year old "younger" brother. I was like "see that guy over there, he is my dad and he is only 36". It was funny to me. So then I went home and Saturday I got to sleep in kind of. and in the afternoon I went to see the worst not scary movie ever. The Grudge. Yeah it was bad. I went out to Applebees for dinner..and then I hung out with Katie and Erin. Okay we met the nicest people that night at some Bill kids 21st Birthday party. It was a very good time. I met Joshua..we are going as Oprah and Dr. Phil for Halloween :) he was a riot. Sunday I worked and then had my family party..I love my family. My Grandma got a digital camera..you should see her try to take pictures with that thing. She always forgets and puts in on her eye. She is still hip in my book. But yes it was a very good weekend..and now for this week my math exam is my number one priority. I am going to get help..because I need it that is for sure. Man...I went on and on.
Current Mood: mellow

19th October 2004

9:34pm: Here's what I say..
Current Mood: discontent

18th October 2004

11:31pm: Just a Reminder!!
This friday I will be alive for approximately 6,566 days. If you do the calculations that means I will finally be 18 years old. I'm very excited~! If you do not have any plans let me know I will invite you to my birthday celebration.
This week is kind of stressful, but hopefully it will all pay off on friday..it will be a good end to my week.
Current Mood: excited

16th October 2004

1:30am: I like these quotes, espcially the first one.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart"

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe"

"When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace."

Current Mood: tired

12th October 2004

8:36pm: Some things
People dream an average of five times a night, and each subsequent dream is longer than the one preceding it. The first dream of the evening is about 10 minutes long, and the last dream is about 45 minutes.

Maine is the only state in the United States whose name is just one syllable

U.S. Vice President Al Gore and Oscar-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones were roommates at Harvard

Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille Hanks, is a direct descendant of Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln's mother

Jim Morrison found the name "The Doors" for his rock band in the title of Aldous Huxley's book "The Doors of Perception, which extolls the use of hallucinogenic drugs

Tongue prints are as unique as fingerprints

The height of the 984-foot-tall Eiffel Tower varies, depending on the temperature, by as much as 6 inches.

Rats can swim for a 1/2 mile without resting, and they can tread water for 3 days straight.
Current Mood: bored

11th October 2004

11:33pm: This weekend was fun, I got to spend quality time with Erin and see Lauren at her Birthday Party. It was funny even her mom stopped by. On saturday I went to Chicago, every year I go on a bus trip there with my grandma and my sisters and my cousins. We go shopping and to see a play and to a fancy dinner. I liked hanging out with them for the day, and my grandma bought us all the stuff that we got. She spoils me and I like it. :) On sunday I had an espcially good day. I slept nice and peacefully. The weather is so perfect, I love it, and the trees I love them too! I wish I had a nice camera because I would take a picture of the trees. Katie Huss you should do that! You are a good picture taker! And tonight I went to an exercise class, it felt good, and my ass is burning. I like it. Tomorrow I am going to give Yoga a try. Call me Kyle Bogner. just kidding. Oh yeah and a girl I think tried to kill herself in our dorm! Yikes! I hope she is okay...that is pretty freaky. And you all should Pray for Lindsay Stibitz too! Her dad is in the hospital~ Next time I will try to make this more exciting. Enjoy the day! Or Night I should say.
P.S. What should I be for Halloween?
Current Mood: moody
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